"Turn-Key" Lead Generation

Learn How Our Marketing Cooperatives Can Take Your
Network Marketing Business to the Next Level

Marketing Cooperatives

It's simple as this: The more people you talk to about network marketing, the more preferred customers and sponsorships you'll have.

Our marketing cooperatives are a way for you to plug into a turn-key marketing program. We describe it as turn-key, because you can take a Business Builder account which has the contact manager features of Integritas Group and then buy shares in our Marketing Cooperatives.

These shares are $10 a piece and you can start out at any amount you like. We do recommend you set a monthly budget and stick with it, because this is a program that not only generates leads, but it "tags" traffic that doesn't convert.

When those people come back, they are routed to you through our unique tracking technology. Here are some points to think about when looking at our marketing cooperatives:

  • We do the marketing for you.

  • You can invest as little as $10 a month.

  • Jason & Chris use this same program for their own downline, so we monitor the quality.

  • Any leads generated are exclusive to you.

  • They are automatically fed into your contact manager. No admin work.

Purchase Shares

The first step is getting an Integritas Group account (any account will work including the Entry Level) setup or if you already have one, you'll can login to purchase and setup shares.

The second step is going through our billing process and telling our system how many shares you want. We recommend you pick a monthly budget you can afford long-term and stick with it on auto order.

The third step is being patient because "great leads" take time to generate as opposed to "crappy leads" that lead companies generate.

$10 / share

What We Do For You To Get You Great Leads

The first step we take is creating advertising ads which include text ads, videos, banner ads among other ad types. We then place those ads on the internet and drive traffic to the respective website (in this case, we're using the Anti Suit Entrepreneur website as an example.)

Key Point: Where you advertise is almost as important as what you advertise.

We only advertise in the best areas of the internet. Lead companies where most people in network marketing and network marketing get their leads don't advertise in these areas.

The second step is creating professional, marketing platform compliant marketing funnels that actually deliver great content to the end user. Therefore, they progress through the marketing funnel and become leads for you.

Key Point: Beware of most marketing funnels! They are a waste of time and money.

The term "marketing funnel" has been an overused and overhyped. We know this, because we have been generating leads longer than any of these "attraction marketers," "lead specialists," or any other system out there that claims they generate leads.

The third step is having a monetization strategy for your marketing funnel as well as a lead generation strategy. It's required by most marketing platforms.

Key Point: Lead Generation Companies Get The Worst Traffic

One of the biggest reasons lead generation companies get the worst traffic is most advertising platforms have banned them from their services, because having landing pages offering a business or work from home isn't selling a product or service. Therefore, the only platforms they can advertise with are fringe companies that aren't the choice of Fortune 500 companies...for good reason.

The fourth step handling the website visitors that "bounce" or leave the website. The reality in lead generation and online sales is that most visitors leave the website. If your website is professional and has what they might want in the future, they'll return. The problem is when they come back, how to do track them back to you? In most cases you can't, however, our technology tracks them back to you, so you convert those future people.

Key Point: Return Visitors Are Your Best Contacts

If you think about it, how many times have you bought something from a website or given your name on the first visit to a website? If you think about that, you should understand why return visitors are the best contacts.

The fifth step is tracking visitors who bounce and advertise them to them on the internet by using a special tracking technology to get them back to us.

Key Point: Remarketing is the technology.

There are many marketing platforms that do remarketing, but not all of them are created equal and how you use remarketing can cost you a lot of money if you don't know what you're doing.

The sixth step is bringing visitors back to you when the monetization strategy kicks in which in this case is the book purchase. At the end of each chapter in the book, we send the visitors back to a website form and since we track our return visitors, those people will be routed to you.

Key Point: Monetization Leads are the Best.

It goes without saying that when someone buys something, they are much more qualified contact, but we had to state it just to be sure.

The seventh step is taking those monetization leads and making sure you convert them and route to them to the correct person and our chapter book forms accomplish this nicely.

Key Point: The Long Game

You can't play the "short game" with online advertising. A lot goes into converting solid contacts and if you expect results over night you're wasting your money. That's why lead company leads are horrible, because they are generating leads in the short term and there is no strategy in place other than to generate as many leads as possible without regard for the quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving a guaranteed amount of leads for how much you spend is the incorrect mindset when it comes to marketing your business. Guaranteeing leads at a certain price is an expectation lead vendors have "brainwashed" distributors with. If you were to go advertise your business, whether it's MLM or a traditional business, with Google, Facebook, a newspaper, or a billboard company, and ask how many leads you'd get, they would laugh at you! That's not how marketing and advertising works.

We cannot give you any guarantees to how many leads you'll get. We also won't give you any estimates based on past performances because different variables change from one month to the next. We will tell you that our #1 focus is a high quality lead for you to speak with. It may be a $20, $50 or even $100 lead. The cost of the lead doesn't matter, it's about the quality and the Return on Investment (ROI.)

Recruiting one or two great people is all you need from a lead source to change your business!

No, you cannot pause the marketing campaign. Again, this is a feature that lead companies have "brainwashed" people with. If you put up a billboard on the side of the road, you cannot pause the advertising for a month.

Each coop runs for approximately 30 days and has a definitive starting and ending date. To find out when your coop goes live, log into your account, click on "Marketing" and review your order under "Traffic & Lead Cooperatives." You'll see the coop start date there.

Tagged traffic is when a person (or a "hit") visits the website, but don't necessarily opt-in or does something that gives you his contact details. Trends on the Internet are changing. People are becoming less likely to share their personal contact details the first time they visit a website. People want to see and surf more before opting in. Just think about your own personal surfing habits. You probably put in your email address and phone number into fewer websites than you did five years ago!

When a person visits the website, we are able to "tag" them to you through tracking and affiliate technology. Once the person leaves, we continue to market to them to bring them back to the website. The tracking technology is effective up to 12 months! Once the person comes back, the system knows he or she belongs to you. When they do opt in, the system will assign the lead to you.

Don't expect much in results with 2, 3, or 4 shares. That's simply not that much money when it comes to marketing your business (or any business). We recommend between 10 to 30 shares. Please make sure that you pick an amount that fits your marketing budget. Don't expect magical results after one month worth of shares. If you need to increase your marketing budget, go get more customers with your business and then use the profits from those customers to invest into advertising.

Depending on the marketing coop, you may or may not be able to see the ads. Please check the appropriate Marketing Method under "Training" in your account for details. The Marketing Method documents will contain all relevant information.

To make changes, log into your account, click on "Marketing" and review your order under "Traffic & Lead Cooperatives."

There are typically two issues that cause people not to get good results:

You don't have enough leads to talk with. You need to increase the amount of shares you have.

You're not having good conversations because your communication skills need improvement. We've had many people complain at their lack of success, but then not be able to answer basic questions or know certain key parts of the scripts. The problem isn't necessarily the leads, but rather their skills. Make sure you go through the Communication Training, study the scripts in the appropriate Marketing Method, and record your calls. When you record your calls, listen and critique yourself and also have your upline or mentor do the same. If you don't have someone to review your records calls, then consider one of our mentoring groups.

If you already have an account with us, then log into your account, click on "Marketing" and place an order under "Traffic & Lead Cooperatives." If you do not have an account go to www.Integritas-Group.com/exclusiveleads to order shares and set up an account.

Do I need to use the contact manager in order to participate in the coops?

No, you do not need to use our contact management system in order to participate in the lead coop. All lead details will be emailed to your email address on file.